Thursday, January 29, 2009

One World One Heart, redux

I must say, I am having a blast visiting everyone!

I'm only afraid I won't have the time to get around
and see all the wonderful blogs - there's now 737!

The child in me would like to call in sick to work for
a couple of days so I can spend all my time on the
computer - but the "responsible adult" says no, I can't
do that....(I wish someone would find a gag to shut her

Thank you Lisa for such a wonderful opportunity and
thank you all for stopping by and leaving such kind words.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Welcome to My own little World!

Please, please, do come in.....would you like some tea??

I've been planning on joining the rest of the world in blog land for a
while now....but, could never really get myself geared up to take
the plunge....I can be a bit of a hermit now and then and the thought
of exposing myself was quite honestly, a little frightening...

But, it's a new year, so new goals are in order....let's just jump out
there (maybe no one will notice the "warts" and all....)

Actually, I wanted to be a part of One World One Heart that's going
on here. This looks to be a lot of fun....and I couldn't pass up on this


Here's how it works - leave a comment in this post only and a way
for me to contact you. Sometime on February 11th, I will do a random
drawing for a give-away. Anyone who is actively blogging is elegible.

I will be giving away my Art-firmation shrine below:

On edit, I want to thank the very kind Griselda Tello for the gift of
her moon was the perfect piece to finish off my shrine.

I look forward to meeting lotsa new friends and hanging out a while....