Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Creative Life

As the One World One Heart event was winding down, I realized
I had a huge problem - a blog to maintain!

I wanted to be a part of OWOH so badly that I created this
blog in order to join the caravan and then realized I would
have to keep it up (especially since I have gained new
friends in cyberspace that are following this space)....I
would have to post my thoughts & views regarding this journey
of life we're on....I would have to be funny & wise, interesting,
thoughtful & intelligent! Believe me, I was not feeling it at
all - in fact, I've been paralyzed with fear! So, I went in to
shut-down mode and have spent these last few weeks on the couch
staring at the tv as it slowly turned my brain to jelly!

About 5 yrs. ago I decided I wanted to be an artist & create
these fabulous mythological masks....I've been creative most of
my life, I can sew / do cross-stitch, I garden, my house is
decorated nicely and when I'm in the mood, I can cook something
that will knock your socks off! However, I can't sing or dance,
can't draw a decent stickman or write wonderfully entertaining
stories - all things that "real" artists do....how is it I ever
thought I could do this?? How can I ever be a real artist??

Somewhere in all this wallowing and whining that I've been doing,
I think I may have had one of those moments, when you think
"wait a minute, I am a creative woman and if nothing else, my life
is my art". I may never create anything that is considered a great
piece of art - I doubt I will ever be considered the next Monet or
Shakespeare, but you know? It doesn't really matter any more...
I'm me and really that's exactly who I want to be!

I can't seem to stay out of the garden these days - Spring is so
close, I can feel it....it's still too early to plant anything -
but I've been cleaning and planning - my seed/plant catalogs are
dog-eared with choices and I'm ready to go...So, for now, the garden
is my canvas and all is right in my world.....


  1. I tell you, just now, you inspired me. The first image on the screen as I visit you is Brigid, Daughter of the flame. Incredible!!! The other masks are equally as magical. Keep going, Kathy. I can see clearly, your heart is wide open. Your life is your work of art. Just share what and who you are. And have fun diging in the dirt.

    Love, Graciel

  2. You are a creator of art...wonderful masks and I enjoy the sincerity of your posts...You are a blogger! Enjoy the journey...and thanks for signing up to follow my posts...julie

  3. Kathy... like me you have to learn to believe in yourself... you CAN do it, lots of people believe in you, I am one of them. It is so hard to let go of the self criticism so look beyond your inner voice and listen to the words of those around, those who come to visit and share your wonderful work. I have come to accept that I might not be an artist like others, I don't consider myself an artist, but I do consider that I am creating to make me happy at any given moment in time and so that is enough for me. If you are enjoying what you are doing then forget the TV and go for it girl, can we do it?


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