Friday, March 20, 2009


Have you any dreams you'd like to sell? Oh...sorry, it's not
that Dreams we're talking about....

I don't remember my dreams very often - but when I do, they are
usually the type that make you go, hmmm - what's that all about??

Such as the one I had earlier this week....

I'm in the hometown of my youth going to a friends house...I
see her through the window and she motions me to come inside.
And when I do, it's no longer her house - but a nightclub....and
we proceed to do nightclub things - drink, eat, dance, have fun
with friends...etc.

When it's time to leave, we all have to find our shoes and I can
only find one of mine....I'm beyond pissed off because my shoe is
gone (and it's my favorite pair of Dr. Scholl sandals!)...

The next day, the club owners are coming around showing me shoes
that were left - but none were mine...

After waking up, my first original thought was on the lost shoe -
I'm thinking "shoes / feet....being grounded" Maybe I'm feeling
as if I'm losing my dream book says that removing
shoes means I'm moving away from my past.

Perhaps all of this is true....since starting this little blog
adventure, I've definitely stepped out of my comfort zone and
little by little it's becoming easier to do.

Any insights you can offer??


  1. I think you are right ~ you are moving forward and I think maybe your masks are something you should consider selling and pursuing ~ Just a thought ~ great to hear from you ~ How is your knight in shining armor? what is his take on your creativity? more thoughts ~ You go girl!
    Hugs and namaste, Carol ~ zoe & punky

  2. Thanks Carol for all your encouragement.
    I haven't done a mask in a long time - for some reason, sort of lost interest...maybe I should get all my stuff out and see what / who emerges....My Knight is wonderful - he loves me beyond this world! He's very supportive of my efforts and sometimes I even manage to impress him! ((Big Hugs)) Kathy

  3. Well I don't have any clues as to what your dream meant, would think that it could indicate moving forward. I did want to say though that I wish I could remember my dreams but they disappear as soon as I wake up generally...!

    Glad to see you are blogging xxx hugs x


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