Sunday, August 23, 2009

Coming soon.....a new me!

For whatever reason (procrastion probably!), I've always felt
I had to get the physical me together before I could get
down to business with the spiritual me.

During one of my travels in cyber space, I saw where a woman
was doing the South Beach diet and blogging her experience.
I've done the SB diet before and had some success and so I
thought maybe I should do it again...

I'm not looking for a super model type body...I just want to
feel better and look healthy. My long-term goal is 40 lbs.
but, I would be happy with 25-30.

I started last Monday and don't know if I've lost any weight
or not....I don't own a set of scales....for obvious reasons.
But, I will probaly borrow some during this first phase. Just
to give my ego a boost with progress.

I will just post results intermittently...don't want to document
this whole process - I'm sure nobody wants to read my whining
about not getting any chocolate chip cookies.

Maybe, this will be what I need to go on a deeper search to
unveil the new me!

Wish me luck...and willpower!

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