Sunday, October 18, 2009

Is there something in the air?

I have been in such a funk lately. I've been blaming it all
on all the rainy / grey days we've been having this past
month. But, this weekend has been glorious and I still can't
seem to shake it!

This morning my original plans were to get on here and post
about all the glories of life - I was able to get outside
yesterday and work in my yard. It was so very nice to be out
in the sunshine...But my mood soured almost immediately after
I got out of bed and haven't been able to shake it yet...I
wasn't in the mood to blog, read, garden, do any type of
art/creative project...all I wanted to do was sit around &

I finally made myself get out of the house for the afternoon.
Ended up going to the Edom Art Fair. I'm glad I did -
I ended up buying some prints from this young man.

Here's what I got - Dance of the Muses

He had already sold the original - but I ordered a nice
canvas's going to look great in my bedroom.

I know this mood will pass - it always does, but in the meantime,
I may go nuts! Sorry for the whining - but maybe since I've got
it out in the open and out of my system, the grumpies will leave


  1. I have been feeling some of what you write about & threw myself into encaustic painting & that has helped ~ Love your masks ~ hope all is well with you ~ hugs & namaste, Carol (artmusedog & acreativeharbor)

  2. These "Dance of the Muses" are wonderful! Hope you are feeling better ~ it all "ebbs and flows" like the ocean ~ hugs to you ~ Carol


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