Sunday, November 15, 2009


The blahs have left finally, but in their wake I find it
almost impossible to focus. My energy has returned, but
I don't know where to send it...

I started yoga classes a couple of weeks ago - maybe
that will help my focus return. I have discovered that
I have muscles in places I never knew existed and they
all hurt!

I've lost 17 lbs since late August! YEA ME! (Actually,
I've lost more - but it's the same 2 lbs that I keep
gaining/losing; gaining/losing......

I started a new art project last weekend...we'll see where
it goes. Also finishing up a crochet project for one
of my grandsons - a spiderman blanket! (will post pictures
when complete).

And starting a crochet project of wool scarves to send to
our men/women in Iraq and Afghanistan. I was surfing the
net and found out about this opportunity and now can't
work fast enough.

Son #3 & his wife are expecting child #2 in the Spring.
Sonogram's a boy! Yea! another boy!
We love 'em (says this mother of 5 boys / grandmother to 4
boys & 3 girls)...But, who do we have to talk to for
some girls....we're feeling outnumbered!

Ever wonder why your friends are in your life? What you're
supposed to learn from them / what they are supposed to
learn from you......let's see if we can find out.

Dandelion wishes for you all...

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  1. Sounds like your energy is moving ~ lots of activities posted & focus? how about one of your masks???? Hugs, Carol


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