Monday, December 28, 2009

In the waning hours.....

In this last week of 2009, I've been thinking back over this
past year. I'm wondering if it's really been extra busy
this year or have I just been paying more attention? And am
I paying attention more because of the intentions I set at
the beginning of 2009?

I started this blog late January 2009. I spent a long
time surfing and reading great sites and wishing that
I could have something like that as well. I found
One World, One Heart right as it was beginning
and couldn't deny my own heart's wishes any longer.
And here you have it....My Own Little World!

It was a very bold step for me to take - I'm not given to
sharing my thoughts / opinions / wishes / dreams to others,
unless you know me very well. (not to mention showing my
art to anyone outside my comfort zone!)

I remember reading a lot about people choosing words to
inspire or guide them through this year with intention. It
took me forever to find my word - but finally it came to
me: JUMP! And I have.....

What started out as a very scary ride is fast becoming a
necessity for me...I feel I need to touch base regularly
with the friends I've made over this past
encourage / joke / ooh & ahh over their latest creation
and in general spread the love...because that is what I
have received and it has changed my life forever.

So, what's the word for 2010? I have know idea - I'm always
behind.....but I am listening.....

Happy New Year to everyone - let's just do something crazy
this year.....I'm open to suggestions...


  1. Whoo hoo so glad you jumped in!! So glad to meet you here! May your New Years be full of fun surprises and joy!! I love the piece..oooh and ahhh..beautiful!!
    Here is to Letting Fly with the crazy fun this year!!! Namaste, Sarah

  2. Wishing you a year filled with wonder & wonderful things!



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