Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i miss you....

i'm wondering, how many times can you write the
words i miss you on a piece of paper? it would
not be enough to ease the longing in my heart.

i'm wondering, do you remember the love and
adoration i felt for you as my baby boy?
do you know that i have that same feeling for
you as a grown man?

you have your own life to live now with a
beautiful wife and wonderful children. it's
what i always prayed you would have.

and i have new paths to explore in my own life.
they will be much quieter than the past, but
no less exciting and just as sweet.

however, i miss you......

1 comment:

  1. how sweetly written, really liked it.. really.. i wrote a post on "nostalgia" ever get time, do read.. http://faheimgul.blogspot.com/2010/11/nostalgia.html


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