Saturday, December 11, 2010

Where do you want to go?

That's a simple enough question....and my
answer is just as simple...I want to live
from my core...the real me.
Honest, loving, simple and deep.

(I recently read a story on the internet
about a young man who had lived next door
to Fred Rogers. And while I don't
remeber a lot about the story...what I
do remember is Mr. Rogers telling him
that living simple and deep was always
better than living shallow and complex).

Earlier in the year when my Knight and I
decided to begin this remodel project of
our future retirement home, it didn't take
long (or rocket-science) to realize that the
contents of my current 1800 sq ft home is
not going to fit into my future 900 sq ft.
home...suddenly, I found myself able to
"let go" of so many things that I once
felt was so important.

I've read posts this week from ladies
who are struggling to find the Christmas
Spirit and then suddenly a simple strand
of lights or a twinkling glitter star will
remind them of their childhood and things
will fall into place and that love and
peace of the Holiday season will walk right
in; reminders of the fact that with
imperfections, light comes seeping through
the cracks and if we get out of our own
way and let go, miracles will happen...

And so, as the Christmas season approaches,
I'm not as stressed about gifts and menus...
simple gifts from the heart, time spent with
family and friends and phone calls to those
who can't join us this year.....

Love & Peace, simple & deep....
I hope you find yours.

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  1. .. really simple wishes are so not so simple.. i enjoy even the thought of enjoying time with family


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