Sunday, December 5, 2010

Year end review...

I guess it's that time of year when we begin to
look back, reflect over this past year...the good,
the bad, what should have been and what was.

To keep this brief, 2010 was not a bad
year...but, not a good year either....I lost
touch with myself and my soul began to dry up
from the loss of that contact. I had very
few creative thoughts and even less creative

Oh, it wasn't a horrible year...we've begun work
on renovating our future home in the country...
Lots of dirt and sweat and dreams of gardens &
chickens kept me going through the summer....

But this seems all surface to me...In less than
a month, I will turn 50 yrs.'s time for
some real changes.

So, this is the goal for 2011....a return to
myself....I fear there is some hard work ahead
with lots of dirt and sweat and dreams of
gardens and chickens to keep me going....

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  1. it has been very much the same for me this year, whether or not i;ve mentioned it on my blog. my wish for 2011 is the same as yours. bless us both, dear kathy!

    xo, graciel


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