Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Dollhouse Project...the beginning

Every morning when I get to work and sign in
to my computer, I take a quick tour around
the blogosphere to see what my favorites are
up to.

Dear Graciel wrote about her plans for the new
year with her dollhouse project...I decided I
wanted to be a part and play along....however,
I don't have a dollhouse, don't have room for one
and didn't want to go get one....I was wondering
what I might be able to use as a virtual dollhouse
in order to participate.

Isn't it odd how our dreams can provide the
answers? I woke up from a dead sleep in the middle
of the night knowing this house renovation project
my husband & I are doing would work perfectly
for my plans....

In an older post, I mentioned the fact that we are
working on my Father's childhood home for our
future retirement home. It's been quite an eye
opener in many ways....the time involved, the
"out of the box" thinking of ways to work around
certain obstacles (it's not that easy to re-wire
a solid concrete house).

We are both so ready to leave the city life and
move to the country...I've seen already in this
project I will learn a lot of patience...something I
have a hard time with.

I've already come to realize that I have to accept
the fact that not everything will go smoothly or
as quickly as I would like or even that I will get
to do eveything I want with this house remodel.
That sometimes I will have to accept these

But in the end, we'll have a wonderful little house in
the country...and all the hard work, tears and cursing
will be worth it!


  1. 1st - happy birthday!! i am SO glad to see you in the dollhouse project! can't wait to see us all get started and can't wait to see where we end up, as well as can't wait to enjoy the journey along the way from here to there.

    :) Debi

  2. kathy,

    i'm late, but i've added your link to my first dollhouse project post. it's accessible from a button on my blog. so happy you're figuring out how to play along!!! no actual dollhouse is needed. let it be virtual or life size!! just create your way to a better understanding of you!

    and happy, happy 50!!!

    love, graciel


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