Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I've been seeing a lot of lists online these days...."10 things about
me"; "10 things that make me Happy",, to play along.....
here's my list of 10 things about me that make me happy...

1. I am a country girl at heart
2. I have the greatest man in the world as my best friend,
lover & rock!
3. My children and family are the glue that hold me together
4. I am an artist!
5. I love pie. any kind. any time.
6. I love Mother Earth and find God there in all aspects of Nature.
7. Time with the girls is a necessity for me...their love and acceptance
nourish my soul.
8. Music gives me wings
9. I am healthy and learning to love my body. as is.
10. I am liberal in my thinking and feel our differences should
be celebrated as much as our commonalities.

How 'bout you?


  1. Whoa.. very imaginative yet mature 10 things that make you and keep you happy. You are right family works like a glue for me as well and because of it I am able to stand today where I think I couldn't have reached if all the support wasn't there. More things are coming my way, I need your prayers and good wishes so that I can get through them.. each day is bringing up something or the other, all in good, but still I need,prayers so that I stay strong and motivated.

    my list of 10 things are here:
    1. IF I pray I am happy, My day ends with satisfaction that I have given credit to God for everything he has blessed me with. I pray with an intention to thank him for whatever he has made me gather in my life.

    2. Family and my fiance, no words can fully give them the credit for whatever they have done for me and whatever they are doing for me even now. I am 23 and still my mom cooks meals for me, packs my lunch and prepare all meals (she is a teacher, she gets late on her job while getting breakfast ready for me, Can I ever thank her? I don't think so..

    3. Books and music, they calm down my mental hunger

    4. I also paint but with oil pastels.. a true cancerian by heart.. very imaginative.

    5. I like my students who take private tutions from me.. they are very young and their sense of humor makes my stomach pain.

    6. fragrances and good perfumes are on my list.. if they are gifted to me.. that person is in my life for eternity.

    7. Good communication skills and open talks make me happy and go well with people who have these qualities.

    8. Meeting new people and helping them all the way is one thing I cherish.

    9. Voluntary work makes me feel great and complete

    10. EXERCISE makes me feel ....happppppppppppppppppppppppy ... on the top... so goood

  2. sorry.. my comment is bigger than your post!!! hehhehehehe


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