Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My dollhouse project update

It was going to be a glorious week! A week of
vacation on the farm...working on our dollhouse.
With so much to do, our list was a mile long!

Well, we do have electricity in the bathroom now
and have set the toilet....after all, you do have
to plan for the necessities! We will eventually
have to pull the toilet up and set tile...but for
now, we have a place to go.

I came to realize very early on in this project
that I would need to learn patience. I'm ready
to move, I have plans and dreams:gardens / chickens
/ goats....time to work on my art in my new studio...
Why is this taking so long? I'm not getting any
younger, ya know!

But the Universe has other plans....has told me to
chill out, to enjoy the process...I have to be where
I am for now...I have things to learn, to do, to
see before the time is right to move.

I want to soften in to this flow, to accept this
as true and be in the moment, so as not to miss
anything. But honestly, I don't think I'm doing
a very good job....I am anxious and depressed,
afraid I will never get to realize this dream.

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