Sunday, September 18, 2011

Words in my Heart

Maybe there was a dream and maybe not....I don't really remember.
But in the morning confusion of waking, it was that word that
echoed through my head - Transformation.

Off and on through-out my life, I have thought, "I should be
more of this" or "I should do more of that".  But in my 50th
year, I have come to realize that each stage is a learning
process and in reality, I like the person I have become. 

And I also know that I am entering a new stage in this life... 
While I will always be a mother, I am no longer of child-bearing
age, my children grown and living their own lives.  I am entering
the age of the Crone. 

And while there are those who look back on their lives and wish
to return to their youth....I am looking forward.  I want to embrace
this new part of me and live it with gusto and fearlessness...reveling
in this new transformation!

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