Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday mornings

On Sunday mornings, I love to stand at my kitchen
window, cup of coffee in hand and watch the birds
at the feeder.

It doesn't matter that my kitchen is just four walls
(well, 3 1/2 really)...there are no cabinets, no stove,
no fridge....just windows.

I dream of the day when our farmhouse remodel is
complete and we live there full time.  We have such
a long way to go and somedays, I feel we'll never
get there. 

But the birds bring me peace, they tell me they will
wait for me to get there and then we will be together

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Book of Days....the beginning

I've joined Effy Wild for her art journal classes, Book of Days....a year
long exploration and learning adventure.

I love to surf the internet....just to see what's out there and see what kind
of work people are doing.  This past year, I would come across different
sites that would feature some very beautiful and amazing pieces of art
in these journals.   I immediately became entranced, but was just too unsure
of myself to do anything....

So, when I found Book of Days in my daily surf, I took it as a sign to
get going and do something...I had told myself that in 2012, I would
make more time for me, time to pursue my art, to learn and do instead
of just reading about it.

In a project last week, our challenge was to journal about something
that challenges us and we were using a mosaic mind
was blank, I couldn't think....nothing sounded right and after I finished,
it just didn't feel right - the words felt forced and "not me".  Effy had
used the example of rejection in her video and since I was blank at the
time, I did as well.

Here's the original spread:

I just wasn't happy with it, so I thought about it a couple of days....realized that
in the future I need to listen to my own heart.  Which is in fact a big challenge for
me....I did go back and add some's still not where I want it to be, but I
know this is a learning process and that I am working to find my own voice.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Words in a New Year

I've been looking....waiting....hoping to get a sense of
my word for this year......Zip, zilch, nada-nothing seemed
to be coming through. I was beginning to come to the
conclusion that it was a fruitless search.

And then the other night I was reading Graciel's winter issue
of The Soul in Bloom.  In her poem, The Gift, she says
"The Gift is always greater than the limitation, and once
claimed becomes the means to rise above it all."

This hit me like a ton of simple and yet so
very powerful.  And then I knew that in 2012 I will
work to CLAIM my gift.