Thursday, January 19, 2012

Book of Days....the beginning

I've joined Effy Wild for her art journal classes, Book of Days....a year
long exploration and learning adventure.

I love to surf the internet....just to see what's out there and see what kind
of work people are doing.  This past year, I would come across different
sites that would feature some very beautiful and amazing pieces of art
in these journals.   I immediately became entranced, but was just too unsure
of myself to do anything....

So, when I found Book of Days in my daily surf, I took it as a sign to
get going and do something...I had told myself that in 2012, I would
make more time for me, time to pursue my art, to learn and do instead
of just reading about it.

In a project last week, our challenge was to journal about something
that challenges us and we were using a mosaic mind
was blank, I couldn't think....nothing sounded right and after I finished,
it just didn't feel right - the words felt forced and "not me".  Effy had
used the example of rejection in her video and since I was blank at the
time, I did as well.

Here's the original spread:

I just wasn't happy with it, so I thought about it a couple of days....realized that
in the future I need to listen to my own heart.  Which is in fact a big challenge for
me....I did go back and add some's still not where I want it to be, but I
know this is a learning process and that I am working to find my own voice.

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  1. This is so funny because I was surfing and found people making their Book of Days and got interested..I want to find more about it but I am definitely going to start one...the year will be interesting I think and should be recorded some how... I am going to go check out Effy Wild and follow along!! Thanks for posting this...Love the work your doing! :)


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