Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Choose Joy!

Yesterday was not a good day....I guess I was feeling the weather:
wet, dreary and cold.  So, when I read that the daily prompt for our
Book of Days was "What brings you joy?"  I had a hard time getting
to that place. 

But, in the interest of playing along, in the hopes of changing my mood,
I thought about joy.....what it is and where I find it.   My joy springs from
love....mostly for my family and friends.  Those who have my heart are
more precious than gold to me  They are truly my life's blood.

I also love Nature.  It is where my soul connects to God...and where I find the
answers to my questions.    Nature brings me peace, where I find my truth
about who I truly am. 

I am a simple woman - I don't need a lot of flash in my life.  I love the natural,
the real.....and knowing that brings me tremendous joy!!

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  1. Wonderful post Kathy....and I completely agree...the more simplistic the more joy there seems to be...and there is a lack of the materialistic helps... Hope it helped cheer you up...I love creating the Book of Days ...I have thought of it for a while but when I saw it on your blog i knew it was a sign...I love it!! Beautiful journal page BTW love the green..:)


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