Thursday, March 15, 2012


Ever wonder where those words come from?  The ideas, thoughts, the just right
angle in the camera lens?

Yes, we all talk about The Muse and her bounty of gifts....but do you ever wonder why?

Why is it that in your everyday surfing of the www, you stumble across that site..the
one that takes your breath away with it's beautiful art and gorgeous words.  The one that seems to be speaking Directly. To. You.

How are we all drawn to each other and why?   Do you have something to offer me?
Do my words comfort you?

I have had this thought niggling in the back of my mind these past few weeks...I find it so strange that you can discover someone new that you really like and you hang around
a while only to find out later they are following some of the same people you's a connectivity that I find intriguing and it makes me wonder what is to come, what we
can achieve with these connections.


  1. *shivers*

    i could ramble on for a small eternity on the magic of these connections..i often find myself in absolute AWE of how kindred souls find one another and no matter how aggravated i get with the interwebz and how i know i'm a closet-Luddite, i wouldn't trade one iota of it for all the beauty and inspiration i've been so blessed to find in the people here...



    ps. the link isn't working...which is a bit agonizing 'cos i'm always up for more connections...:)

    pps. i have a theory that we're all being drawn together for Something Big...i just don't know what that is yet...although i'm pretty sure it has something to do with changing the world...;)

    1. Sorry Mel....that's not a link, just emphasizing :)


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