Thursday, March 8, 2012

A story

Once upon a time, there was a little boy.  He asked his parent
for a new toy and was given his wish.

But the little boy was not happy with his didn't do
what he wanted.  The toy wanted to fly, to experience the
wind beneath its wings, to see the world.

And so, in his tears, he told his parent the toy was broken and
he wanted a new that would do what he wanted and
would never break. 

With a sigh of almost disappointment, the parent did as the boy

And he never flew.


  1. Why it appears that there is some personal disappointment underlying this little story? I was told in teenage, that Everyone wants everything to work according to their wishes.. if everyone's wish is granted then the earth will lose its balance. So to accept and be submissive rather than fighting and exhausting yourself is the ultimate choice which in the end is ALWAYS BETTER

    1. Naqvee,

      There's not really a personal attachment to the story....just some thoughts and words that came to me one evening. I'm learning to write....I guess its more about not accepting others as they are and never taking chances to fly beyond your comfort zone.

  2. true.

    lovely, really lovely....thank you for this thought-food today.



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