Monday, October 22, 2012

What mask are you wearing?

Today was probably not the best day to ask that question.

I'm in "one of those moods"'s not really unusual for me
to get this way on Mondays....we've just spent the weekend
in the country, working on the farmhouse and then I have
to come back to the city, back to a job that bores me to
tears on so many different levels.....I have a right to be
pissy....don't you think? 

So, the question in Autumn Soulodge this morning was
"What mask are you wearing"?   And I thought, maybe
it's that mask that makes me appear to give a shit as to
what goes on in the office each day....or maybe it's the
mask that gives me an air of peaceful contentment over
the way my life is going right now....when in reality,
I could rip it to shreds, just to see if I could put it back
together - a little differently this time.

No, maybe today wasn't the best day for this question.....
and then again, maybe it was....Maybe today I will finally
begin to sort through and discard crap that no longer fits,
or confront those shadows to see whats there that seems to
be holding me back.   Maybe then I could throw my masks

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