Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Birthdday to me! or Here we go again....

Not only is it the first day of the new's also my birthday,
which (in my mind) makes this day extremely powerful.  I do
have big plans for the year ahead and am hoping to commit more
of myself to this online journey.

I am not a writer and struggle to post here on a regular basis.  I have
considered packing it up and going home, but something tells me I
should be doing this. 

2013 was not a bad year - but I didn't spend it creatively and have
realized that I need that outlet in more ways than I knew.   I see
that my bad art** and sometimes boring posts are necessary for
my growth not only as an artist, but also as a person. 

So, along with the usual "resolutions" we all claim at this time of year,
my word for this year is Forward as that is the direction I am headed

**I have a theory that you have to create a lot of bad art and get it out
of the way before you can create good art. 


  1. Love your word, struggling to decide my own. Art is definitely good medicine, i have plenty of bad art and projects to prove it. Happy 2014

  2. Don;t go...I am not a writer either but the blog is a therapy for focus on the positive.... I do it for me...when I want...if people enjoy it its a benefit...but that page is for me........I agree about the art except for it being bad just a mistake or two which......... leads us forward by honing our skills... :) perspective...
    Happy Birthday & A Blessed New year... (((HUGS)))


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