Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Prayer

Dear Ancestors

Thank you for your lives, thank you for your successes and failures.
We have learned so much from you.  There is so much we can now do
and be.  thank you.

I come to you today to ask that you continue to walk with us.  Guide us
in our endeavors.  Teach us with love.  We have so many dreams, to grow,
to become more, to remember who we really are.   Bless us.

Please be with those who are struggling for whatever reason.  Hope and
Faith are a hard thing to lose.  Remind us to be there to help lift them up
in whatever way we can.

In love and gratitude.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Prayer

Dear Mother/Father God,

Thank you for this day, for the opportunities to grow and expand our learn and heal and love.  Thank you.

We are looking forward, trying to let go of that which is holding us back,
keeping us small.  We are dreaming big, working hard and wanting to take
that next step.

But there are times when doubt creeps in, when we are afraid and don't
know how to continue.

Mother/Father, Angels in Heaven, please wrap us in your Love, give us
the peace our hearts are yearning for.  Give us Faith.

In loving gratitude-