Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A case of the "don't want to's"

Yesterday I had planned to go back and work in the garden again this morning - the
crabgrass has nearly taken over the corn.  I worked 2 hours yesterday before it got hot
and barely made a dent.  J told me this morning it was going to be hot today and not overdo it.
Which works out fine because I woke up with a case of the don't want to's.

I had such plans when I quit my job and we moved to the country...I was going to work
on the house, work in the garden/flower beds, paint-create to my hearts content....
And I still aspire to those things, but there are days when that just ain't happenin'...my
body/mind won't move.

Maybe this is the message I've been looking for...take time to slow down and stop the
external chatter.  it's time to look inside  and see what's going on deep in my own soul.
I often fret over the loss of connection with my own spirit, so I will take this time to explore
and meditate to see what comes up.

and later, I may even clean the bathroom...

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