Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Winter Solstice Prayer

Dear Mother/Father God, Angels in Earth & Heaven, Spirit guides and Helpers,

Thank you for this day - for the opportunity we have for change.  I pray today for the wisdom and guidance, the awareness to see where and what I need to let go of.  to find those thoughts, actions and beliefs that no longer serve me or the highest good and to send them to the fires for transmutation.

I pray that I can release old hurts (real or imagined) and make space for your true love to enter my being and fill me with Peace.  I pray for human kind as a whole to be able to do the same.

I also ask for the silence and clarity to find my true heart center, that I dwell there at all times.  So that I can be your conduit to spread the light of your love and we as Human can ascend to your highest ideals.

Amen, Aho & Namaste

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