Thursday, May 14, 2015

Early Morning Messages

Connection Point.  This was the message that came to me in those
early, almost-awake moments this morning.   What is your connection

I'm learning to paint - it's been something that's been sitting in the corners
of my mind for a while - a desire for a huge canvas where I can just
throw colors around and see what emerges.

I started working on something yesterday and it's not to the point of
what to do next.  I have no real process yet, I'm still searching for my
style and voice.

My creativity is my connection point with God.  Regardless of what I'm
doing, if I'm creating from my heart (and paying attention), I feel the
presence of God.  Mother Nature is another connection point for me.
Her beauty and power open my heart and fill me to bursting.

More and more I feel this is where my path lies - I'm not exactly sure
how or what, but know this is my direction.   I will continue to watch
for the signs She sends.

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