Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Autumn Equinox

Today is the day of balance - equal light and dark.  It seemed like
as good of day as any to return to this space.   I am going to try
to keep up with it and post on a somewhat regular basis.

I read this below on my Instagram feed this morning, in part:

Perhaps life is not about endless refinement or expansion.  Perhaps
it is enough to just BE - with a good book or in the company of
good people and know that we are comfortable and loved. 
                                                               Jennifer Parde

After reading this, I realized how stressed and anxious I've been
lately.  There's so many changes I would like to make in my life,
but many times I'm not sure how to go about it, what it is I want
exactly, just a little bit afraid it won't go as planned....(insert any
number of excuses here).  In visiting with my Dr. lately, she tells
me just to pick a challenge, set a goal and then work towards it.
It doesn't matter if it ends up being the right goal or not....

Since I have always struggled with this space, I thought this would
be a perfect goal.  I am not a writer and have had a love/hate
relationship with this space since I opened it way back when.  

I'm warning you now, it will likely be all over the place as far
as content goes, but right now that's how my mind seems to be
working.  Let's just see how this goes......wish me luck!


I love that you're here! Sit down, let's chat and have some tea...