Sunday, October 11, 2015

Garden - Year One

I'm not a total novice when it comes to growing fruits,
vegetables and flowers.  I've had some sort of garden bed
for 20+ years.   But, I've never gardened on a large scale before.  

When we moved to the country last year, it was really too
late to get anything in the ground, so we waited and worked
on fencing, etc until the time came for planting.  

I always have these grand visions and plans on what things are
going to look like, how everything's going to work and I'm always
shocked and amazed when it doesn't work out like that

Mother Nature's taught me quite a few lessons this year and now
that I've been jerked back into reality, I know that my garden
space is going to take time to develop and grow like I want it to.

I can't believe I didn't take any photos of the garden during the
summer,  Here's a few of what's left.   I still have tomatoes, beans
and peppers producing.   I've just planted spinach and beets for
the fall / winter months.

This is my total garden space.   You can't really see the fruit
trees planted, but we have apple, plum, fig and peach trees.  
I've also planted a weeping willow just because I like them 
so much and hope one day for it to be my meditation space.   

Garden beds are going to be built around each tree.  I've been 
doing a lot of reading on permaculture lately and have plans to
garden totally organic.  

Peppers, beans and tomatoes.   We also had a load of cantaloupe
earlier in the year, but not photos because I was not paying attention!  

It's harder work than I had realized working such a space,
plus it's former pasture space, so I'm having to remove a
lot of grass and such.  However, I'm already dreaming and
planning for next year!