Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Santa's Workshop

I have been a busy little elf these days....planning, shopping, decorating, crafting.

This used to cause all sorts of stress and angst, essentially putting me in a black
hole until the entire Holiday season was over.   I've since learned to let go of
those expectations for the perfect gifts and celebrations.   With 22 children
and grand-children, gift giving has become simple little tokens of love.  I can't
afford for it to be any other way!  ☺ Ha!  It's all about time spent together...as it
really should be anyway.

I started doing a bit of shopping in November, but I usually don't start with the
decorating until mid-December.   I refuse to put up a Christmas tree during
Thanksgiving weekend...I can only deal with one Holiday at a time!

However, cold-wet weather in early December had me stuck in the house, so
I went ahead and got started early on my decorations.   I tell ya, I could go
crazy decorating if I let myself...(I know, I've seen me do it).

Here is my humble little tree, with handmade decorations and some favorite
mercury glass ornaments from over the years...

And my White Christmas display including crocheted snowflakes in the
windows.  (Forecast calls for the high 60s this weekend....below is going
to be the only "snow" I get) 

I've spent a tremendous amount of time on Pinterest looking at all the cute
handmade ornaments and decorations.   I truly love making ornaments for
my tree and every year make an ornament for my sweet daughters as well
as crochet some snowflakes for my nieces.   It's one of my favorite activities
during this crazy busy season.   (I'm thinking that I may continue making
ornaments after the holiday and sell them at a local market or etsy or something
next year....we'll see how that goes).


So, I'm done....finished all my projects up last weekend and now I'm just waiting
for all the hoopla to begin...

Wishing all of you a very Happy Holiday season however you choose to celebrate
it.  Spend time with those you love and let everything else fall away for a while.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The New Normal

I've been away longer than I expected.   I hadn't planned on a mini sabbatical, but
it seems my moods are up and down these days...I didn't want to come back to
this space and fill it full of negative energy.  Sometimes I am superbadasswonderwoman
ready to take on the world and fix it all before sundown and other days I hideinthecornerandwhimpertomyself.   I guess for a while this is to be expected.

I would like to say that I've taken a nice break from the web world, but unfortunately,
I have not.   I seem to be needing that reassurance that others are feeling the same
as me.  And it's funny/strange/odd how we're all coming to the same conclusions....
that the best way to fight the fear and hate is just by living our best lives.   This is not
a "head in the sand" / "hoping for the best" kind of attitude, but more a realization that
by healing ourselves and being our best at whatever it may be...only adds to the positive
healing energy of the collective.

I once saw something from Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love author) about following
your curiosity...that not everyone has a passion, but if you follow your curiosity it
could become a passion.  So, I have decided to follow my curiosity regarding herbs
and healing, to study this science and possibly one day be passionate enough to
become an herbalist.  

I've gone back and forth on this for a while now, feeling that at almost 56 yrs of age,
I may have waited a little too late for that boat to sail.  But I've come to the realization
that I have nothing else to do and I do love gardening, so why not?   Maybe by the time
I feel knowledgeable in what I'm talking about, 60ish will be the new 40.!!!

(old photos of past gardens, but I needed a bit of color today as its cold and rainy). 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Raising vibrations

"Everything is energy & that's all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the 
reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no 
other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics."  

This quote has been attributed to Albert Einstein, but I've also seen sites on the
web that say no.   So, I don't know who originally said it, but I like the sentiment.
It gives me something to strive for.

I've spent so much time lately on the internet.   Days after the election, I kept telling
myself to turn everything off and step away - but I just couldn't do it, no matter
how bad it made me feel.

Now, I'm on a constant search for Love and Light and am continuously adding to
my Instagram feed those who are emitting these vibrations.   (I discontinued my
Facebook account as the dark energy there was more than I could handle).

This morning I sat down and made a list for myself....of things I can do that will
help to raise the vibrations...

*Be informed - read, read, read, watch, watch, watch.   It's imperative that we
know what's really going on.   Because I dislike politics so very much, I am guilty
of knowing enough to not be ignorant, but still not being aware of the situation as
I should.  If you feel that all of it is too much to take in, then concentrate on what's
important to you....Mother Earth / Women's issues / Immigration, etc.   I don't think
anyone could take on all of it.

*Front line work - If you can, get out on the front lines and make your voice heard.
(Honestly, I think this would be hard for this introvert to do.)

*Find those organizations or people who are doing things you agree with.  
Support their efforts - volunteer, donate funds when you can or a simple heartfelt
prayer+  Any of these will help the energy flow to grow and spread!

*Live your life in Love & Light - Do not let the negative forces win - this only feeds the
beast!  Obviously, we will have times when we are tired and discouraged - these are the
times to slow down and take care of yourself!  Connect with like-minded friends and
family to re-charge. Get out and commune with Mother Nature.

*Make sure to take the time for a smile, kind word or listening ear to the strangers you
meet through-out the day. This little moment of kindness may help them to continue on.
And could spread from one to the other more than we could ever know.

I know we have some very rough, scary moments ahead, but I am holding on to Hope
and refuse to let go.  

Peace and Love to you all ~

+I've come to believe that Prayer is a very powerful energy source and sometimes this
is all we can manage.  But a heartfelt "please help" and "thank you" can go a long way
in building the Love energy field.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

And so we continue on....

The five stages of grief:   denial, anger, bargaining, depression & acceptance.

I'm not sure I went through the bargaining stage, but find I am hovering
between depression and acceptance.  For the most part, I manage
to stay out of the depression stage, but it does envelope me on occasion.

I am the type of person that once I get through the shock and process
everything, I am ready to find a way to fix the issue.  And while I would
wish that this was a cut and dried problem, I realize that this could take
generations to fix.

I have accepted that he has been elected the President. (I don't think I
can utter his name...sorta like summoning the kracken, doncha' think?)
And I do pray for his success as long as that success effects every one
of us, not just a select few.

Back in 2008 when we elected Mr. Obama to the presidency, I was so
proud of my country....I naively thought we had really progressed and
that Mr. Obama was going to save us all.  

I have since learned (and heard Bernie Sanders say the same
thing) that change does not come from the top down, but from the bottom
up.   We are going to have to change our culture before we can ever
hope to change our government. 

In just reading those words, it sounds like such a daunting task, almost 
impossible to do.  However, we don't really have a choice if we want 
this planet and this human experiment to continue.  The time is now and 
failure is not an option. 

Keep your heart open my lovelies...spread your light and love.  It's the 
only thing that can save us.   


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Well, that didn't go as expected....

My first coherent thought was how could so many pollsters and pundits get it all so
very, very wrong in their predictions.  And honestly, I'm not sure I've had any coherent
thoughts after that one.  My brain keeps circling 'round and 'round that one...

I will say, that my vote for her was just as much a vote against him.   In this election,
we the people were not given any really, good choices.  My thoughts were that I could
accept her sins and crimes simply because of her experience (and my feelings that the
Bernie-ites would hold her feet to the fire to move things forward).  I could not and will
not accept Trump's fear mongering and divisiveness, that dark energy does not vibe with
my Soul.

We are in for a ride here, people.   I'm not sure what's coming...I will give Donald Trump
this....at least he exposed the deep, deep issues this country (and probably the world) has.
I know that we as a species cannot move forward along the evolutionary trail until these
issues are healed.   We're all in this together baby...

And who knows, if you follow the blind squirrel theory*, he may actually do some good.

Among the numerous wtfs and omgs circling in my brain this morning, are thoughts about
what I can do to spread the light and how can I use this space to do so.   One of my pet
peeves is people who just bitch about whatever current situation is happening, but cannot
offer positive solutions.

So, my heart made a vow this morning....I will not feed the negative energy.  I'm not sure
what my path is, but I do know that it will be a path of love and hope and faith.

Obviously, we have a very large percentage of the population that is afraid.   You can call
it hate or racism or sexism...but it all boils down to fear.   Let's work on listening to those
who are afraid and see what we can't do to help them...to let them know they are not alone
and that there is enough for us all.

Angels are with us...

In love and light ~

*even a blind squirrel can find a nut every now and then.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Today's the day!

I would like to think that tomorrow morning we wake up, the sun is shining, birds are singing
and all is well in the neighborhood.   However, I know that's not going to be the case.

Several months ago, I deactivated my Facebook account....I just couldn't stand the negative energy
resonating from that space any more.  But, on occasion I still receive emails that somebody has
updated something or other on their page.  I decided to go back in and try one more time to get
rid of the beast and sure enough, the first post I saw was someone already complaining that if
Hillary is to win, our country will be taken over my illegal immigrants and the assorted riff-raff
(you know, the non-white / non-male type) by tomorrow no doubt.

I think what irritates me the most about this kind of blather, besides the fact that it is so very
blatantly racist /sexist, etc is that all those people want to do is bitch about it, but they are not
willing to do anything to make it better.  They are not willing to listen to anybody else to try to
see the other side.

Yesterday, I was reading online thoughts from those in other countries about our election and how
it effects them as well.   This just reaffirmed my beliefs that we are all connected and have to take
care of each other.   So, thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts and good vibes sent
our way.   We are going to need it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Here I go again....

A couple of months ago, I came back to this space for reasons I don't even
remember now.  My man had asked me why I never blog anymore and I
couldn't really give him a good answer.   So, I thought about it, poked and
prodded to see if this space was still alive and have since decided I would
try again....

I spent some time this afternoon spificizing this place up....you know, if you
look good, you feel good...and all that jazz.

I was surprised at my last post of my garden from 2015.   I have been
working my tail off this year in the garden, but I didn't realize how much
I had actually accomplished until I saw those photos from last year.

Here's an update:

I've been doing a lot of study and reading on permaculture and this seems to fit
into my way of life and my view of the world.   So, lots of hugelkulture beds
built (and a few more planned for next year).  And yes, that is a small greenhouse -
my man gave that to me for Christmas last year...(he knows my heart!) 

I did have some great successes this year, but also some massive failures....(ahh,
the life of a gardener!) We have corn, squash, zucchini and peas in the freezer. 
A nice crop of onions too.   And I'm still harvesting figs every few days...No
tomatoes or potatoes unfortunately....Next year hopefully, we'll have some
blackberries, grapes and apples to go with everything else. 

I have come to realize that gardening / working with Mama Earth is my heart's
passion.  I'm thinking I would like to have some sort of work that would
encompass this love...I've put my prayers out there and just waiting for Her to
tell me what we're going to do together!