Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Here I go again....

A couple of months ago, I came back to this space for reasons I don't even
remember now.  My man had asked me why I never blog anymore and I
couldn't really give him a good answer.   So, I thought about it, poked and
prodded to see if this space was still alive and have since decided I would
try again....

I spent some time this afternoon spificizing this place up....you know, if you
look good, you feel good...and all that jazz.

I was surprised at my last post of my garden from 2015.   I have been
working my tail off this year in the garden, but I didn't realize how much
I had actually accomplished until I saw those photos from last year.

Here's an update:

I've been doing a lot of study and reading on permaculture and this seems to fit
into my way of life and my view of the world.   So, lots of hugelkulture beds
built (and a few more planned for next year).  And yes, that is a small greenhouse -
my man gave that to me for Christmas last year...(he knows my heart!) 

I did have some great successes this year, but also some massive failures....(ahh,
the life of a gardener!) We have corn, squash, zucchini and peas in the freezer. 
A nice crop of onions too.   And I'm still harvesting figs every few days...No
tomatoes or potatoes unfortunately....Next year hopefully, we'll have some
blackberries, grapes and apples to go with everything else. 

I have come to realize that gardening / working with Mama Earth is my heart's
passion.  I'm thinking I would like to have some sort of work that would
encompass this love...I've put my prayers out there and just waiting for Her to
tell me what we're going to do together! 


  1. so good to know that you're back in your online home!! i'm looking forward to reading about your world and your garden....i'm quite envious of your harvest! xo

  2. Thanks Mel...I struggle with this space a lot, but am really wanting an online community to hang out with...there are really very few people I allow to see me, warts and all!!


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