Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Well, that didn't go as expected....

My first coherent thought was how could so many pollsters and pundits get it all so
very, very wrong in their predictions.  And honestly, I'm not sure I've had any coherent
thoughts after that one.  My brain keeps circling 'round and 'round that one...

I will say, that my vote for her was just as much a vote against him.   In this election,
we the people were not given any really, good choices.  My thoughts were that I could
accept her sins and crimes simply because of her experience (and my feelings that the
Bernie-ites would hold her feet to the fire to move things forward).  I could not and will
not accept Trump's fear mongering and divisiveness, that dark energy does not vibe with
my Soul.

We are in for a ride here, people.   I'm not sure what's coming...I will give Donald Trump least he exposed the deep, deep issues this country (and probably the world) has.
I know that we as a species cannot move forward along the evolutionary trail until these
issues are healed.   We're all in this together baby...

And who knows, if you follow the blind squirrel theory*, he may actually do some good.

Among the numerous wtfs and omgs circling in my brain this morning, are thoughts about
what I can do to spread the light and how can I use this space to do so.   One of my pet
peeves is people who just bitch about whatever current situation is happening, but cannot
offer positive solutions.

So, my heart made a vow this morning....I will not feed the negative energy.  I'm not sure
what my path is, but I do know that it will be a path of love and hope and faith.

Obviously, we have a very large percentage of the population that is afraid.   You can call
it hate or racism or sexism...but it all boils down to fear.   Let's work on listening to those
who are afraid and see what we can't do to help let them know they are not alone
and that there is enough for us all.

Angels are with us...

In love and light ~

*even a blind squirrel can find a nut every now and then.  

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