Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Santa's Workshop

I have been a busy little elf these days....planning, shopping, decorating, crafting.

This used to cause all sorts of stress and angst, essentially putting me in a black
hole until the entire Holiday season was over.   I've since learned to let go of
those expectations for the perfect gifts and celebrations.   With 22 children
and grand-children, gift giving has become simple little tokens of love.  I can't
afford for it to be any other way!  ☺ Ha!  It's all about time spent together...as it
really should be anyway.

I started doing a bit of shopping in November, but I usually don't start with the
decorating until mid-December.   I refuse to put up a Christmas tree during
Thanksgiving weekend...I can only deal with one Holiday at a time!

However, cold-wet weather in early December had me stuck in the house, so
I went ahead and got started early on my decorations.   I tell ya, I could go
crazy decorating if I let myself...(I know, I've seen me do it).

Here is my humble little tree, with handmade decorations and some favorite
mercury glass ornaments from over the years...

And my White Christmas display including crocheted snowflakes in the
windows.  (Forecast calls for the high 60s this weekend....below is going
to be the only "snow" I get) 

I've spent a tremendous amount of time on Pinterest looking at all the cute
handmade ornaments and decorations.   I truly love making ornaments for
my tree and every year make an ornament for my sweet daughters as well
as crochet some snowflakes for my nieces.   It's one of my favorite activities
during this crazy busy season.   (I'm thinking that I may continue making
ornaments after the holiday and sell them at a local market or etsy or something
next year....we'll see how that goes).


So, I'm done....finished all my projects up last weekend and now I'm just waiting
for all the hoopla to begin...

Wishing all of you a very Happy Holiday season however you choose to celebrate
it.  Spend time with those you love and let everything else fall away for a while.

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